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From Idea To In-Hand In Just 6 Weeks (That's Real Warp Speed..)

When it comes to getting a project finished in a timely manner, we know all about it. Our team can take a Brochure On CD from just a thought and an initial phone call to a professionally packaged digital sales tool in 75 days or less, frequently less than 40 days(in some cases even faster when you have digital marketing materials to incorporate into the final product).

We will scope out the project, do any and all project research (usually around 60 hours), document the proposed table of contents, and prepare the narration "copy" for review.  Once approved, we the narration is recorded, music and special sound effects are produced, and the Brochures On CD presentations are prepared and produced. The production phase includes generating and preparing all design and graphics layouts, obtaining all articles and photos, recording the narration, and then producing the video. Finally, we burn the digital content to a master disc and then produce all the required copies for shipment. A flow chart of our process is available for review, simply click on this link.

While our typical timeline can be 6-12 weeks, we can accelerate this process into a 4-6 week run when requested and required. Please see one of our solution experts for details.

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